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Corridor type modules installed on site.

Containing CHW, LTHW, BCWS, HWS and Sprinkler pipes.

Also electrical cable tray and basket.

Contract = Amec Building Services - Heathrow Terminal 5.

Modules fabricated by = W.S. Britland & Co Ltd


Design of Building Services Prefabricated Modules: CJH Associates can work with Building Services Consulting Engineers to incorporate the design of modules within the building services as soon as possible. When a building is at the early stages of co-ordination and design CJH Associates can work closely with your CAD team and design (including calculating accurate steel section sizes to BS5950-1.2000) and draw the modules (3D if required) for insertion into your overall CAD model. During this process we can discuss with your CAD team any services that may require 'tweaking' to optimize the design and maximise the services contents within the modules. This would increase the quantity of modules that can be incorporated into the building services installation, thus insuring that the proven advantages of prefabricated building service modules are kept to a maximum on your projects.


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