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Services tunnel modules.

Containing CHW, LTHW, BCWS, HWS and Sprinkler pipes.

Also electrical cable tray and basket.

Contract = Amec Building Services - Heathrow Terminal 5.

Modules fabricated by = W.S. Britland & Co Ltd

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Cost Implications

Off-site manufacture of building components is a low-risk form of delivering complex services to building sites. The only other cost that differs from a standard installation is the enclosure to protect the prefabricated components.

This cost will usually be recovered by overall labour-related savings and the reduced cost of maintenance made possible by components and plants being assembled in the optimum layout for access and servicing.

The cost savings that can be achieved at every level of the construction supply chain is significant, and together with proper time control, this will enable faster return on investment for the client.

Time Control

Past experience shows that prefabrication can reduce construction time. In relation to overall time scale and project management, prefabrication relieves congestion and concurrent working from site.

This helps reduce the time required for installation, site testing and commissioning. It also prevents any delays caused by trade contractors having to wait for one other to complete their work programme.

Site Management

Prefabrication can improve site activities and site management since less labour and materials handling are required onsite and possible congestion and concurrent working are reduced.

When labour shortage and skills is an issue for site supervision, the off-site approach can help solve the problem of labour availability and cost.

With prefabrication, other problems associated with onsite operations like health and safety, fire risks, workers' insurance, cramped working environments and accidental product damage can be reduced or eliminated.

Quality Control

Prefabrication means that assembly is taken away from site and performed in factory conditions, leading to improved quality and consistent workmanship.

It can also streamline work on site and enable site staff to continue with other essential works without being interrupted by other workers.

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